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Breaking noses

By the time he was nineteen Owney Madden was running the Gopher Gang. He got to that level because he knew how to handle any mug that crossed him. One of his trademark moves was the way he would bust a guy’s nose. Left him marked for life. All of New York knew that if you crossed Owney Madden, you’re gonna remember it every time you look in the mirror. He taught each new member the way he wanted [...]

New York Times feature

New York Times feature - Becoming the Sports Parent I Wished I’d Had By JOHN NUCKEL NOV. 25, 2016 My mother screamed at me from the bleachers only once. It was 39 years ago, but I still cringe from the memory of it. “John Nuckel, get over here right now!” she yelled. I looked up at the clock. Only 35 seconds until halftime. I can hold out, I told myself, as I developed a plan: Ignore my mother until the end of the first half, [...]