• Fascinating Characters and Great Story I don't usually go for historical fiction, however this book pulled me in quickly and kept me engaged. I particularly liked the complexity of the characters and the blending of true history with fiction. John Nuckel has given us a rare front row seat to New York's Jazz Age offering the thrill of time travel. In spite of many twists and turns, there's a satisfying ending that left me cheering for the good guys and looking forward to the next story John Nuckel will add to the series.

    Betsy Bartter Muller Avatar
    Betsy Bartter Muller
  • Corruption but in another time This book was all a reader could hope for from start to finish it all was read with enjoyment of an author who writes of the last history of New York yet there is so much that relates to the period of 2007 when Wall At collapsed through the same corruption when like the 30's they bailed out taking all the money and property that belonged to the people same situation only if was not restricted to the black community their hedonistic views had encompassed any and all sources of money .while New York was replaced today with Chicago for turban violence and gang warfare this author lens a story with so many interpretations that reading is a sheer enjoyment

    John Burke Avatar
    John Burke
  • Harlem Rhapsody A well-written historical thriller filled with smoky backrooms, crime, sex, and iconic music. OUR VERDICT "GET IT”

    Kirkus Reviews Avatar
    Kirkus Reviews
  • Clever, Complex Thriller Blind Trust starts a little slowly and has a complex plot, but ultimately is a rewarding read that pulls all the threads together. It is as much a crime story as it is a financial thriller. It has very distinct voices for all the characters, and there are lots of them, which helps to keep you following what's happening and who's doing what. It includes some pretty graphic violence, so be prepared to wince and feel squeamish once in a while. Enjoy some very clever plot twists.

    Biggs Avatar

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