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Wake Up And Dream Radio Show Hosted by John Nuckel

Host, John Nuckel sheds light on his own transition from being on the trading floor as a true Wall Street insider to being a savvy businessman running a private equity firm. As an author & professional financial advisor, John balance the spotlight focus of holding on to that daydream while still maintaining a very active day job.

About the Author

JOHN NUCKEL has worked in the financial industry for over thirty years. In that time he has spent many hours on the barstools of Wall Street and run into enough characters to fill a dozen books. John ran like hell down Broadway when the World Trade Center came down, he has thrown punches on the trading floor and sat behind Spike Lee at the Garden. As a personal financial advisor, he now spends most of his time in the boardroom. This experience has taught him that there isn't much difference between bookies and bankers. A fact that the world has discovered recently but John had known for years. The only difference is whether the con artist is wearing Armani and carrying a briefcase or is wearing a track suit as he sticks a gun in your face.

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