The Canary Who Couldn’t Fly

Did Jeffrey Epstein killed himself? He knew bad things about very important people. He rubbed elbows with royalty, business leaders and presidents. Did a notorious pedophile under 24 hour watch in the most secure jail in New York kill himself with his secrets untold?

He was held at the same facility as El Chapo, Madoff and John Gotti. They all walked out alive. Epstein left in a bag. One man dies and dozens of influential men breathe a sigh of relief. How could this have happened? How could something so outrageous take place? As a student of New York history, I have no doubt what happened. He was murdered.

How could I make such a claim? It happened before under similar circumstances.

On November 12th 1941. Abe Reles went out the window of room 623 of the Half Moon Hotel in Coney Island. He was being held before his testimony under the watch of over a dozen NYC policemen. It was five floors down but he only had 18 feet of bedsheets tied together for his descent. Abe hit the ground so hard it shattered his spin. Abe was rat. A professional hitman with Murder Inc. who found himself a target of a hit himself. After his body was found the papers dubbed him the Canary that Could Sing but Couldn’t Fly.

Like Epstein, Reles knew where the bodies where buried. In fact, he buried many himself. Abe was no pedophile. By all accounts he was a good family man. His special talents were stabbing a victim with an ice pick in the ear, burying men alive, or burning them alive. Abe relished his job and was very good at it. He was responsible for over 200 murders. He killed these men under the orders of Meyer Lansky and Murder Inc. head Albert Anastasia. Abe was set to testify against Anastasia the day they found his body.

The cops guarding him said they fell asleep on the job. Sound familiar?

Unlike most of the people Reles named, Brooklyn D.A. William O’Dwyer was reluctant to move on the Anastasia case.

O’Dwyer was elected the 100th mayor of NYC in 1945. Among his first official acts was naming Capt. Frank Bals, who had been in charge of the Half Moon security detail, a deputy police commissioner.

In the 1960’s Charlie Luciano asserted that NY cops were paid to throw Reles to his death.

History is current events in the past.

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