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Joe Doyle (Upcoming Book Sample)

Meet Joe Doyle. A character in my upcoming book who’s story is based on my Grandfather, Joe McNally. A proud Irishman and American. Doyle stood and walked over to a window that looked out on the Hudson River. He leaned against the frame and crossed his arms.           “Soldier to soldier. I have spent my entire life fighting against tyranny.” He suddenly slipped into a heavy Irish Brogue. “I was just a lad in Donegal when I saw my first act of terror. It [...]

Breaking noses

By the time he was nineteen Owney Madden was running the Gopher Gang. He got to that level because he knew how to handle any mug that crossed him. One of his trademark moves was the way he would bust a guy’s nose. Left him marked for life. All of New York knew that if you crossed Owney Madden, you’re gonna remember it every time you look in the mirror. He taught each new member the way he wanted [...]