New York Times feature

New York Times feature - Becoming the Sports Parent I Wished I’d Had By JOHN NUCKEL NOV. 25, 2016 My mother screamed at me from the bleachers only once. It was 39 years ago, but I still cringe from the memory of it. “John Nuckel, get over here right now!” she yelled. I looked up at the clock. Only 35 seconds until halftime. I can hold out, I told myself, as I developed a plan: Ignore my mother until the end of the first half, [...]

It happened to be Music

Recently I was crying in a synagogue in Prague. It was the music that got to me. Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. Played by four violins a cello and bass, accompanied by a trumpet. Let me back track a bit since I wrote the last line first. If you would have told me as an Irish Catholic kid growing up in the welfare apartments of my town that I would be crying in a synagogue listening to music I would have stopped [...]

The Public Is Enforcing Wall Street’s Sentence

There are times when a confluence of events can bring clarity to seemingly complicated issues. I recently read an article in the leading business daily that somewhat smugly reported on the lack of indictments of business leaders as a result of the financial crisis of ’08. Within days, there was the announcement of eleven thousand Citi bank employees to be fired. In that same week, there was a day when the trading volume on the Big Board was about half of the normal [...]

There’s Hope For The Lost Generation

The parking lot at the library was much like the Christmas season mayhem at the mall. The desperate search for power after Sandy kicked us in the teeth. The lot was a battle for real estate, the library itself teeming with people. This of course, was enough to bring out my inner curmudgeon. What were all these kids doing here?  Hey you kids, get off my lawn! As I found a space, plugged in my gadgets and started to work, I took a moment [...]

The Integrity Of The Transaction

I hold in my hand a remarkable document. It’s a printout of a purchase. Detailed, itemized and precise. The prices on the document are exactly as stated on the corresponding reference guide I chose the items from. This exact amount will soon appear on my computer screen efficiently and correctly. This document is a credit card receipt from a restaurant. The bill was for $26.17 and wouldn’t you know; I just went to my online account, and there it is, [...]

Every Financial Advisor Has Failed Its Clients In Some Way

"All I have to do is make the financial investments myself." These were the words of a potential client. A successful professional, he went to a business planning company to set up his payroll and 401k account. After the meeting, he told me that he would no longer need my services. After all, it will only cost him seventy-five dollars a year to put the 401k in place. All that was left for him was to follow the template they provided [...]